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Masonic Spiritual Holiday Bazaar - Sal

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NOTE: Online reservations will close at 12pm on Friday, December 4th.  All are tracked manually, so please be patient while updates are received and implemented.

Sal   - Spiritual Card Readings






Biography - Salvatore (Sal) Cavallo


Sal has a great psychic ability but didn’t realize it until his wife pointed it out.  His wife Pat found a deck of tarot cards belonging to her grandmother, who read tarot cards for a living.  Pat asked Sal to read for a friend.  His reply was, “You’ve got to be kidding!”  Her intuition told her he had the ability.  That was the start of him reading tarot cards.  

Sal also had various occurrences of witnessing unusual spiritual happenings.   At the death bed of a great aunt, he saw a beam of light go from her body out through the window the moment she died.  Another occurrence was when he was called to the hospital since his sister’s death was imminent. When he walked into her room, he saw her pillow had a gold color to it.   He asked his wife if she saw it too but she didn’t. He then realized it was his sister’s halo glowing.  


The third incident was at the deathbed of another sister.  At 3:00am, he saw a vision of his sister who previously died, his deceased parents and grandparents.  He then realized why they were there.  He opened the blinds to let the light in.  At that moment, a flood of white light was at the window and then vanished. He went back to his sister’s bedside and realized her soul had left.


These occurrences made him realize his unusual abilities.  Later in life with more time to explore, he delved deeper into tarot cards.  Sal became more astute.  Since then he has been doing readings for individuals and private parties.  Sal also works with businesses that want to draw in new clients by having “psychic nights”.

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