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Meet the Dimensions of Heaven & Earth 


The Reiki practitioners at DoHE are attuned and fully certified.  Helping you find emotional peace and discovering the Spiritual YOU are our greatest commitments! We look forward to working with you!

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Jeffrey Carpenter

Founder, Reiki Master Teacher & Spirit Rescue Medium

Jeff has been officially attuned as a Reiki practitioner since 2013. In addition to his Reiki Master attunements, Jeff also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering (yes, he really IS a rocket scientist!) and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. He has spent most of his adult life working as a subject matter expert in global-scale IT communications, yet he was encouraged to share his knowledge and healing abilities when he finally embraced his connections with Spirit. His amazing experiences led him to found Dimensions Reiki, providing Reiki energy therapy services and Reiki student training in both New Jersey and Arizona. Jeff is a medical intuitive, receiving psychic messages and information associated with various issues being experienced by his clients and helping him to better address the underlying causes of ailments.

As part of his spiritual evolution, Jeff is a practicing psychic and spirit medium, offering readings in the Dimensions spiritual center. He is driven to provide his services in house cleansing, negative attachment removal, spirit rescue and releasement, and paranormal research. He continues to consult with clients who are struggling with challenges from spirit entities or experiencing paranormal activity in their homes. To further his connection with Spirit, he became an ordained multifaith minister.  He is also a published author, combining many engineering principles on energy with discussions about Reiki and paranormal experiences into a treatise about the science of energy sensitivity in his book Discovering Intention: A Sensitive’s Guide to the Engineering Mind.

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Linda Carpenter

Reiki Master Practitioner

Linda Carpenter is an attuned Reiki Master Practitioner. Her initial steps into the healing arts happened decades ago when she was able to use her natural healing talent to help a close family member survive a terminal diagnosis. She also had success in treating injured racehorses and dogs, helping to relieve pain and dis-ease. Now, as a Reiki Master, she helps people in the Phoenix area and around the Southwest to achieve wellness and balance their energy. She also spends time working on senior citizens and veterans who often benefit greatly from Reiki healing to lessen chronic pain and depression as well as assist with PTSD. In parallel, Linda continues to own and manage a video production company, and she teaches at both the grade school and collegiate levels.

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Norma Mochalov

Reiki Master Teacher (New York)

Norma Mochalov is an attuned Reiki Master Teacher. She has been exploring her spirituality and connecting to Spirit since she was a little girl. Her studies include a wide variety of pursuits, including Kabbalah and other religious research. As a professional CASAC counselor, she has a great deal of experience coaching and guiding patients struggling with addiction and OCD, and she successfully implemented an integrative Reiki program in the rehab facility to add Reiki therapy to her patients' weekly treatments.

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