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DoHE Center Hours:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-6pm

Saturday: 12pm-6pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm

(Visit our Calendar of  Events to see schedule of classes and workshops)


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Part spiritual center for personal development, private readings, healing sessions, and soul coaching, part holistic store of stunning gifts and home decor, DoHE in Scottsdale is THE PLACE TO BE for manifesting YOUR spiritual goals!     

DIMENSIONS of the Center

Personal development classes/certifications, including Massage Therapist CEs

Energy balancing and Reiki healing  for your rejuvenation

Independent life and soul coaching and training

Group meditations and wellness circles

Notary Public services for AZ and NJ documentation

Seasonal events and special retreats (day and weekend)

Reiki Treatment
DIMENSIONS of the Store

Invigorating crystals, candles, oils and more

Jewelry/accessories for your wellness needs

Holistic decor for your home and office

A library of books and research material

About Dimensions of Heaven & Earth

It is our passion, our commitment, and our mission to assemble the tools, training, and personal development exercises to help you, even as “everyday” people, to reclaim the spiritual power that already resides inside each and every one of you.  In the process, we plan to demystify the notions some people have about the realm of spirituality, and, in so doing, give you those amazing experiences that promote the next steps on your journey of enlightenment to find YOUR greatest potential.

As a new addition to the elegant North Scottsdale shopping scene, DoHE is also excited to become your #1 choice in holistic healing gifts, personal items, and home decor! With shipping available across the country, we are ready to work with you to find that special treasure that appeals to your eye as well as your Soul. Our classes, workshops, soul coaching appointments, energy healing sessions, and psychic readings are available in-person and online, and we are excited to lead you to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being!

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Meditation Class


Our goal is the energetic Awakening of all of our customers and students. We are committed to helping you find YOUR tranquility and coaching you through all levels of your holistic development. Through our high-quality gifts and products and our personalized classes and meditations, DoHE is ready to help you get to the Next Level of your personal journey. Come experience the Empowerment yourself...


"When you are on the Right Path, the Universe lets you know it." Our founder, Jeff Carpenter, always talks about how the Universe led him to his Path, even after decades of working in the Science and Technology field.  But in the eye of the paradox, ENERGY is at the hearts of both Science and Emotional Balance!  Now it's YOUR turn...come find gifts and accessories that resonate with your Soul at DoHE!


With the help of students and clients around the world, the DoHE family is always ready to welcome new people into our circle of practitioners and friends. In-person and online services and workshops ensure that we are able to meet your scheduling needs. Try one of our meditation circles, or even become a VIP Member of the DoHE family, and enjoy special events and discounts!

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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Energy Treatment

30 min | $75

60 min | $130

It's not about discovering your Power.  It's about reminding yourself how to RECLAIM the Power you've always had.

- Jeff Carpenter, Founder -

The DoHE Center's Energy Practitioners


Founder/Owner, Reiki Master Teacher &

Spirit Rescue Medium

Linda Carpenter-headshot1.jpg

Reiki Master Practitioner


Reiki Master Teacher (NY)


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