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Reiki Spirit Animal


An Innovative Approach To Your Journey of Awakening


Let Dimensions Academy  become your source of health, wellness, and inspiration! Using a comprehensive approach of addressing energy blocks, infusing healing, and providing insight and guidance for your life path, we help you find YOUR Intention to promote your personal and spiritual development!


Our Program:

- Reiki Healing

  - Soul Coaching

     - Psychic and Card Readings

        - Mediumship

           - Spirit Rescue/Removal

              - Negative Energy Cleansing

                - Personal Development Classes

Dimensions Academy – Come find the Spiritual YOU!       

Reiki Treatment

About Dimensions Academy

Dimensions is committed to helping you find peace, balance, and empowerment through our personalized programs and workshops designed to awaken YOUR spiritual journey! With locations in New Jersey and in Arizona, we are ready to work with you to find YOUR Intention. Our classes, workshops, soul coaching appointments, energy healing sessions, and psychic readings are available in-person and online, and we are excited to assist in guiding you to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being! Spirit awaits...are YOU ready???

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Meditation Class


Our passion is the Spiritual Awakening of all of our students and clients. We are committed to helping you find YOUR spiritual gifts and coaching you through all levels of your development. Whether through private sessions or group classes and meditations, Dimensions is ready to help you get to the Next Level of your spiritual journey. Come experience the Empowerment yourself...


"When you are on the Right Path, the Universe lets you know it." Our founder, Jeff Carpenter, always talks about how the Universe led him to his path of healing and empowering others, even after decades of working in the Science and Technology field.  However, the management of ENERGY is at the heart of both Science and Spirituality! 


With the help of students and clients around the world, the Dimensions family is always ready to welcome new people into our circle of practitioners and friends. In-person and online services and workshops ensure that we are able to meet your scheduling needs. Try one of our meditation circles, and have that spiritual experience you've been looking for!

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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Energy Treatment

30 min | $60

60 min | $100

"In the eye of the paradox between Spirituality and Science is the Awakening. Find that experience that NO ONE can take from you, and set your Intention to free your Spirit."

- Jeff Carpenter, Founder -

Our Practitioners

Jeffrey Carpenter-Dimensions Reiki-heads

(NJ) Founder, Reiki Master Teacher &

Spirit Rescue Medium


(NJ) Reiki Master & Angel Card Reader

Linda Carpenter-headshot1.jpg

(AZ) Reiki Master Practitioner

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